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Benefits of Using UV Glass

Too much sunlight can cause irreversible damage to photos, prints and personal keepsakes. We frame these items to present them and keep them in a safe, secure condition. Thanks to technology, there are countless products to protect our precious pieces of art and photography. Using modern technology like UV-glazing on glass or plexiglas can help protect your most prized possessions. Never heard of UV-glaze? Don’t worry, we’ve listed the benefits of using UV glazing on glass or plexiglas.

Damaging UV Light

What is UV Light?

Ultraviolet light is not visible to the naked eye. However, this powerful light breaks down the chemical bonds that allow humans to see the color of an object. Unfortunately when this happens it causes the color to fade. There are many other patterns that can damage through sunlight. Others include embrittlement, yellowing and disintegration.

How Does UV Glass or Plexiglas Work?

Most UV glass or plexiglas typically has a glaze or film coating on one side that filters out UV light so it doesn’t touch your art. It would be placed on the inside towards the artwork to ensure the glaze is intact and that there is no risk of damaging it.The side of the frame that is exposed to the elements (the front side) is the glass or plexiglas that can be cleaned without worrying about the UV glaze.

UV Plexiglass

Why is UV Glass or Plexiglas Important?

Believe it or not, but with time UV light can contribute to the fading and discoloration of your favorite artwork. This is especially noticeable in items that have a lower paper stock and use regular ink. Think of a newspaper or magazine – have you ever left one out on the porch or in your car for a while? You will quickly notice how the paper feels rougher and the ink and prints are less bold and vibrant.

What piece of artwork are you considering using UV glass or plexiglas? Remember to consider what type of print and the quality of it if you are unsure if you should use UV glazing. If you feel lost or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us for help! We love to help all types of projects and ensure peace of mind to our clients. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with us!

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