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Decorative Art vs. Fine Art

Many people often ask what the difference between decorative art vs. fine art. This is somewhat of a controversial question because chances are if you ask two people you won’t get the same answer. Is the piece of art providing a purpose other than being art? Does the art elicit an emotional response? A lot varies in the deciding factor. We work with both decorative and fine artists and chances are you may not be able to tell the difference. Take a peek at our Instagram and Facebook pages to see what artists we’re currently working with!

Decorative Art

By definition, decorative art means “art that is meant to be useful and beautiful.” Not sure what that means? Think ceramics, luxury furniture or even jewelry. Ceramic arts can be used to eat off of or hold something for presentation. Luxury furniture is made to be used as well (sitting or lounging.) The same goes for jewelry – it’s made to be worn.

Fine Art

The definition of fine art is the exact opposite of decorative art. It’s defined as “a visual art created primarily for aesthetic purposes.” See the difference here? Another example is fine art could be held in a museum. Fine artists are creating for themselves or to send a message. They are trying to invoke a feeling or thought.

Though we gave the definition of both types of art, sometimes the difference is not so black and white. Is it decorative art because of the use of certain shapes or colors? Is it fine art because there isn’t any functionality? There are many times where both decorative and fine art overlap each other. The beauty in art is that at the end of the day it is all up for interpretation and to invoke thought.

Do you have a piece of art that you are trying to define as decorative art vs. fine art? Contact us today and let us help with a consultation!

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