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How to Choose a Frame Color

Once you’ve selected the perfect photograph you want to print, the next step is not only the type of frame, but the type of frame color. How to choose a frame color may sound like a simple task. It’s important to select a frame that will complement the photo as well as the actual wall it will be against. Are you thinking about framing something special? Contact us today and we’ll help bring your vision to life!

Colored Frame

Depending on your picture, a colored frame can enhance the way your image can appear. How to choose a frame color should be based off of the print. Both black and white frames create a more elegant look and can highlight certain features from your picture. When using black frames, it will naturally highlight black or darker features. A similar feature happens when using a white frame except it will focus on lighter elements in your picture.

Wooden Frame

For a more vintage or natural look, selecting a wooden picture frame is the way to go. Farmhouse and rustic style interior design is very popular. This aesthetic pairs perfectly with a wooden frame, regardless of the colored wood. Since wood is a natural element, selecting a wood frame can warm up a room and make it feel cozy.

Textured Frame

While wooden and colored frames are trendy right now, textured frames add a unique element to any print. From grainy to metallic – any textured frame will instantly add vibrancy. They add a modern, trendy vibe and can transform any photograph into an eye-catching piece of art. Textured frames can also make a black and white photo pop as it will add balance and contrast.

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