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How to Frame a Sports Jersey

Most sports jersey can represent many things – a championship, a stepping stone in an athlete’s career, or just regular admiration for your favorite player. A special jersey is doing no good boxed away in the garage. If you’re not wearing it, a sports jersey should be properly displayed! There are many decisions one has to make to display this popular piece of sports memorabilia.

When it comes to how to frame a jersey, we know a thing or two – just ask our friends at the Milwaukee Bucks or San Francisco 49ers! We’ve listed a few things to consider to give you a better understanding of the jersey framing process.

San Francisco 49ers Sports Jersey

A Few Things to Consider when framing a Sports Jersey

  1. Do you want to use a frame or shadow box?
  2. Can the case protect the jersey from dust and fading?
  3. Will you be able to remove the jersey from the case in the future?
  4. Are you able to easily mount it to your wall?
  5. Can the frame potentially damage the jersey?

We suggest using a frame that will keep the jersey intact. This means absolutely no glue involved. If you are beginning to work with someone who suggests to glue your jersey together, we highly recommend working with someone else. Remember, you want to be able to know that if you wanted to remove the jersey from the frame, you would be able to wear it or replace it with a different jersey.

Tom Brady

The backing that comes with standard frames and shadow boxes will not do for framing a jersey. Typically you need a foam backing to provide support and to keep your jersey from moving. We suggest using acid-free archival backing paper to go over the top.

A big component on how to frame a jersey is the folding of the jersey. There are many ways to fold a jersey. If you want sleeves to be visible, make sure the jersey is centered and aligned perfectly.

When framing your favorite jersey, there are many steps and important factors to consider. Completing all the steps and doing it right can be stressful and overwhelming – did you iron the sleeves enough? Is the jersey centered perfectly?

As experts in the industry, our team at Art Design Resources are here to ease the stress and collaborate on your jersey framing project. We take special requests all the time and no project is ever too big or too small. Contact us today, we will love to help you on your next project!

Miami Marlins Framed Jersey

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