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How to Mix and Match Wall Art

So you have an empty wall and you’ve decided to finally hang your wall art. You may be asking yourself how to mix and match wall art and you might be overwhelmed. Don’t worry – we’ve been assembling gallery walls with mixed media for as long as we’ve known.

The first step (and arguably the toughest part) is collecting all your pieces. For the sake of the blog, let’s assume you’ve already done this. Pro tip: go with your gut! Select pieces that represent you and how you want to feel when looking at your gallery wall. Mixing different frames and styles is one of the best ways to represent your personal style.

A good starting point for a mix and match wall is with a centerpiece. Do you have a canvas that is filled with bold colors or prints? Think about making that your centerpiece. You will want to pick an element that each piece will have to keep it cohesive. It might be the frame, a color, size or subject.

Once you’ve established what it is, begin by working outwards to complete the entire wall. Upwards, downwards, left or right – work around the centerpiece and see how your wall slowly flows together. Pro tip: decide on a time period for your frames. Mixing frames that are both vintage inspired and contemporary can fog your vision and may look out of place. By deciding on one style, you’ll be simplifying a lot.

Our last piece of advice is all about size. Your wall should have a good variety of large and smaller pieces that work together in the wall. Pro tip: try not to have all the large frames on one end and the smaller frames on the other. It’s important to balance the wall properly so that one side doesn’t look out of place. Did you know that we offer custom framing? We’ve been manufacturing custom frames for over 30 years and can help with custom sizing and much more.

If you’re planning on hanging your art yourself, we recommend either laying out your design on the floor or cut out all frame sizes with paper. We recommend getting some butchers paper from your local arts and crafts store for your extra large frames. Once you’ve established which pieces go where, you’re ready to start hanging!

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