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San Francisco 49ers Stadium

We have been honored to work on many projects throughout the years. We have worked with popular sports organizations like the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. However, one of our most proud moments was consulting and installing the San Francisco 49ers stadium. As many of you know, Levi’s Stadium has hosted major events like the Super Bowl and FIFA World Cup. When we were given the opportunity to consult for their redesign, we were excited to bring the art to life.


We wanted to mark the organization’s history and player timeline in an elegant way. This is why we chose several black and white photographs to represent past players and teams. We also had the opportunity to enlarge an original photo of John Brodie, who played for the San Francisco 49ers from 1957-1973.

Art Work

The art that is displayed speaks to the name of the stadium and the organization as a whole. One of our favorite pieces is a vivid painting of the stadium that channels the 60’s psychedelic era using bright colors. Another piece that is sure to catch the eye is the painting that showcases hand painted Levi’s denim along a few popular San Francisco 49ers player jerseys like Joe Montana and Steve Young.

Custom Framing & Installation

Each piece of art or photograph is unique and that is why we went through a series of selections when it came to selecting a custom frame. After selecting a few samples, we selected a silver shimmered frame for all the pieces. Although each piece is different, using the same frame gives it a cohesive look and tells the story beautifully.

If you are in need of art consultation or custom frame designs, we recommend contacting us through our website or on social media. We are only a message away and respond to inquiries quickly. You can also keep up with our latest projects on Instagram or Facebook!<

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