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Art design resources is a professional art consulting firm who believes in creating a collection for the individual, and secondly, for the space at hand. Collaborating with our clients bring us joy, as we believe no two designs, clients, or art pieces are alike.

We begin by listening to your wishes so we can customize a package that addresses your specific requirements. There are multiple types of art collections that can be used to enhance a corporate, commercial, or residential environment. We are art consulting experts in selection, purchasing, and placement of fine art and sculptures.

Commercial art consulting helps provide uniformity throughout each establishment

A well balanced art collection can extend through multiple rooms, offices, conference rooms, and buildings. Making sure that you have selected pieces that complements your business is important.

At ADR we provide the full services of initial on-site art consulting, frame design, custom frame manufacturing, and product delivery. We ensure there are no gaps in service or product, by handling everything in-house.

Corporate fine art collections are a way to showcase company values.  

We all know that being a top contender in any business market requires a clear understanding of company values. A specific art collection in each office is one way to exemplify these core beliefs.

For example, if you are in the healthcare industry you might choose artwork that is welcoming, calming, & simple. In comparison to a stock broking company where the art collection would be strong, powerful, and clean.

Art consulting with ADR is knowing the balance between location of each piece of art & its occupants.

Knowing what type of art you like is not as easy as it seems. There are a wide variety of styles, genres, and media from which to choose. We have built long-lasting relationships with artists, art dealers, and art collectors. We have all the resources necessary to find exactly what you are looking for.

Your initial consultation is a full on-site analysis of the overall project.

We make working with an art consulting firm fun, exciting, and seamless. ADR ensures a full proposal with design, logistic and art options to best serve you and the project at hand.

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