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At Art Design Resources, we take all of the worry out of the art installation process.  Our installers are carefully selected to ensure the utmost in professionalism and unsurpassed quality service.

Art Installation with ADR is fast, easy and worry free.

There is always a bonded and insured installer at every project.  Installations can include sculptures, multi-media pieces, canvas, shadow boxes, mirrors, and more.  We guarantee all of our installations to be insured, safe, and masterfully installed.

Commercial & Residential installations made simple.

Installations can be a long a tedious process, especially depending on the volume of art to be installed.  Our experience with large projects, including residential and commercial, makes our installations unique.   We understand how to navigate a live construction site, work with multiple contractors, and handle large quantities of art.

The size and detail of each frame can dictate where it should hang.

Now that your customized frame has arrived it is time to begin the installation.  Many questions may arise: How to hang a frame? What type of nail?  Where will it hang on the wall?  How close to a door or lighting fixture should it be? Let us answer all of those questions.

Installations require problem solving, attention to detail and accuracy.

This process involves setting the stage, by checking the lighting, searching for a secure wall, and assessing any accessories that might already exist near that piece.  It is crucial to properly install artwork in order to safeguard it from falling, as these damages can cost quite a bit or be irreplaceable.

Our installations will bring you complete satisfaction in seeing your final project.  We enjoy being able to be apart of the entire process, from start to finish.

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